Arizona Legislative District 11

Legislative District 11 includes the northwest portion of Pima County, and accommodates the portion of Pinal County within the same district. This comprises SaddleBrooke and the communities along the I-10 corridor including the Town of Maricopa. Membership consists of Precinct Committee Members and other interested Democrats. All Democrats in the district, from both Pima and Pinal counties, are invited to attend our monthly meetings.

District 11 extends over 100 miles, with its population concentrated at both ends, Picture Rocks, Marana, Oro Valley, and Maricopa. We have several clubs: visit our Meetings page to see who they are and when they meet.

Go to the Meetings page to see our meeting times and when the clubs in our district meet.

Email us at

Find us at, or on Facebook at Pima Legislative District 11 Democrats. Our postal address is Pima Legislative District 11 Dems, P O Box 89024, Tucson, AZ 85752-9024.

At present, the three elected state legislators in District 11 are Republicans; help us fix that.

Click here to find “Who Represents You?”

LD 11 Goals

  1. All Club chairs must become PCs with club outreach
  2. Define job responsibilities as a PC; it’s not just a name
  3. PC recruitment:
    1. We must activate areas where voters need to get involved
    2. We need to make a presence in “underserved” areas of LD 11
  4. PC training: We need to start doing this ourselves