LD 11 State Legislative Candidates

JoAnna Mendoza, for LD11 Senate
Linda Patterson, for LD11 Senate
Dr. Felipe Perez, for LD11 House

JoAnna Mendoza, Candidate for State Senate LD11

JoAnna Mendoza, Candidate for LD11 State Senate

BACKGROUND: JoAnna is a native Arizonan, who was born and raised in Pinal County. JoAnna grew up in poverty, but believes her upbringing has fueled her desire to succeed and has allowed her to overcome overwhelming obstacles in her life. At the age of seventeen, she answered the call to serve our great nation, has been forward deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and has served in many different capacities. After twenty years of honorable service, she retired from the Marine Corps and made her way back home to Arizona with her son Aidan.

CAREER: Since her retirement, JoAnna has worked with an agency that specialized in finding foster homes for adults and children with special needs, Veterans at Pima Community College, and as the Veteran Services Representative for Congressman Tom O’Halleran (AZ-01). She has a Bachelor of Arts in Intelligence Studies with an emphasis in counterintelligence, a Master of Science in Leadership with an emphasis in disaster preparedness, and is currently, pursuing a second Masters in Public Administration. Additionally, JoAnna holds several certifications through the United States Marine Corps, such as Uniformed Victim Advocate, Curriculum Course Developer, and Formal Schools Instructor.

PERSONAL STATEMENT The People in District 11 deserve a great government that works for them. My first order of business as your Senator, will be to transform the government we have, into the responsive government the people need. I’ll do this by focusing on action-oriented solutions, bringing civility to the State Capitol, and working across the aisle with Members of the Legislature to get stuff done.


Linda Patterson, Candidate for State Senate LD11

Linda Patterson, Candidate for LD11 State Senate

BACKGROUND: Linda studied Secondary Education Teaching and Learning at Washington State University; earned her Master’s Degree at Oregon State University; studied School Administration at University of Oregon; and studied High School Reform at Stanford University’s School of Humanities and Science.

CAREER: Her lifelong career in education began as a High School Government Teacher in Dallas, Oregon, 1976- 1981; followed by Post-High School Intervention Counselor in Eugene, Oregon, 1981-1996; Asst. Principal at N. Eugene HS, 1996- 1998; Asst. Principal at Sequoia HS District, 1998-2002; Asst. Principal at Klamath Falls City School District, 2003-2005; Asst. Principal in Gresham, Oregon, 2005-2006; and, ultimately, Principal at Catalina Magnet High School, 2006-2009.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: Those who live in Arizona deserve a state government that serves them in all capacities. I am a citizen, not a politician. I strongly believe if we elect a legislature that sets priorities to meet the needs of people, we can change things for the better. I promise I will listen to you and serve your needs.


Dr. Felipe Perez, Candidate for State House LD11

Dr. Felipe Perez, LD11 State House of Representatives

BACKGROUND: Felipe was raised in a rural and low-income community in Arizona. At the age of 15, he discovered his passion for medicine after spending a summer as a student volunteer at a local hospital. Despite significant economic challenges, he used that passion to excel in academics. He earned an AA degree from Arizona Western College, earned a BS in both General Biology and Biochemistry from U of A, where he also participated in scientific research in ecology and physiology. In 2002, Felipe was accepted into the U of A College of Medicine, specializing in Family and Community Medicine. In 2006, he enrolled in Scripps Family Medicine Residency Program in Chula Vista, CA, where he completed his residency training. He chose Scripps for their advancements in medicine and their devotion to the community and underserved populations.

CAREER: Upon completion of his residency in 2009, Dr. Perez began to provide and continues to provide care for the underserved at Community Health Centers in Tucson. In 2013, he spearheaded Arizona’s first Graduate Medical Education Teaching Health Center, which aims to recruit and train more primary care providers in Arizona.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: My first mission as your representative will be to see to it that all children in Arizona can end up where I have, without having to start out the way I did. My next mission is to bring some practical and independent thought to our state government. Each of us, as a community, face common challenges, and I want to help meet those challenges on your behalf.


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